Drew Ryan Scott / Jayk Purdy / Devin Fox / TC Carter / Blake English

It is a widely accepted tenet in pop music that every generation needs its own young stars to scream for. So is it really surprising that a new group of fresh-faced young guys have begun to make a footprint on the pop landscape? Even old-timers New Kids on the Block have reunited more than a decade after ’N Sync and Backstreet Boys ruled the charts. Clearly the members of NKOTB recognized that few people (even those of us old enough to own Hangin’ Tough on vinyl) can’t resist the simple pleasure of five talented, upbeat guys singing and dancing in unison. It’s been true since the Jackson 5 stormed the charts in 1969 and it is still true today.

Now After Romeo, a new group of exciting young male singers and dancers from across the country, are carrying on that legacy by bringing stellar multi-part harmonies and electrifying urban dance moves to the scene.

Even if you find yourself outside the natural demographic audience for After Romeo, just try to resist tapping your toes when listening to their self-titled debut album, which will be released in the upcoming year. After Romeo have been crafting their debut release with some of the world’s top songwriters and producers.

“Our sound is a mixture of dance, R&B and hip-hop, but also pop and rock,” says Jayk Purdy, adding: “It’s about great beats and great melodies.”

“The cool thing about us is that we have all grown up listening to different artists and have so many different influences,” says Blake English.

Indeed the five members “all bring something unique,” says Devin Fox.

“That’s what makes us special when it comes to groups like ours,” Drew Ryan Scott adds. “All five of us contribute to the final product.”

Drew Ryan Scott, a native of Houston, Texas, is the groups main songwriter & producer, having created hits for superstars such as Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Willow Smith & Iyaz to name a few. He has been diligently cranking out new songs for After Romeo. “I write and record around 3 songs per day, usually 10-12 by the end of the week,” he adds “I never sleep, all I do is MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!”

The son of an Elvis impersonator, Drew has always been around music since childhood. Fun-loving Jayk Purdy hails from Las Vegas, and is the group’s resident prankster. The son of a professional singer, Jayk counts Prince and R&B singer Craig David among his favorite artists. Future heartthrob choreographer and visionary Blake English grew up in Athens, Georgia, where he began performance training at the age of 8. Blake also appeared as a lead in a touring off-Broadway production of High School Musical. Laid-back, too cool for school Devin Fox, reigning from Maumee, Ohio has been singing since he was 3, after receiving success and positive feedback from his digitally released videos, he wanted to take his career to the next step and moved to Los Angeles. “I believe in this band as much as I believe in myself…which is a lot!” he laughs “this is going to be an amazing ride and I’m not jumping off anytime soon!” And finally, TC Carter, born in Naples, Florida is a dancer and singer who has toured ail around the world capturing the heart’s of audiences everywhere. He brings a fresh hip “swagged out” energy to the band. TC’s idol is Chris Brown.

The group formed around the basis of life long friendships and trust. Blake English & TC Carter began creating childhood memories in Georgia, training together for their future big-break, while Jayk Purdy & Drew Ryan Scott sang in an acapella group throughout the inner city of Las Vegas, NV. Drew Ryan Scott discovered Devin Fox online and they kept in contact until finally meeting in Los Angeles at a Pop Academy that Drew spoke at as a songwriter/producer to the students. The members came together and put themselves through a vetting process much tougher than televised boot camps American Idol and X-Factor. The result is five triple-threats as vocalists, dancers, and actors, each one of them groomed to dazzle in the studio, on stage, and in every TV or film endeavor. After Romeo is lining up select live appearances around the world to prepare for their debut album to drop.

Jayk says, “When we step onstage, we don’t want it to come off as just another performance. We want to put on a show for each and every member of the audience. We’re not just going through the motions. We’re going to entertain you.”

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