In 2013, pop band After Romeo was formed when two sets of friends from different sides of the country—Drew Ryan Scott and Jayk Purdy from Las Vegas and Blake English and TC Carter from Atlanta—met in Los Angeles.

With a shared passion for singing, dancing and songwriting, each member comes to the table with their own skills and talents. Drew serves as the primary songwriter, while Jayk spearheads the social media, orchestrating and executing online initiatives and maintaining fan interaction. Blake choreographs the shows and videos, and TC’s grip on fashion influences their youthful and fresh looks. Together, the artists have created one unique and powerful sound, poising After Romeo to take the music world by storm.

As a group, they shot a music video for their song “Free Fall,” which landed on VEVO’s home page and soared to #1 on MTV. Its follow-up “L.O.L.” also claimed #1 on MTV, hit #3 on Sirius XM, and was added to Radio Disney. In 2014, they booked and launched their own 300-school and 35-mall Bully Proof Tour, which proved to be a major success, packing 10,000 attendees per week in every city.

With a fresh and dynamic sound, After Romeo’s new singles, “Good Things” and “Convenience” takes a giant leap into the band’s maturity from a production, vocal and lyrical perspective and foreshadow their heavily anticipated EP slated for Summer. The group, and their prized new singles, will be featured in an upcoming global Samsung commercial starting in May 2016.